Global Projects

TGI Life Sciences and its parent company, TEC Group International has a network of offices across the world with dedicated project support teams. Through this structure, we are able to support project teams for our clients.

We manage work in over 65 countries and are used to supporting individuals working on rotational assignments in many locations. We are passionate about our clients. They provide excellent working conditions and opportunities for their employees and we take the same approach to the individuals we represent.

Our experience and infrastructure has allowed us to enter locations that are new to our clients. Subsequently we have created the type of infrastructure necessary to attract and employ the best talent for all manner of projects, from short-term appointments to c-level corporate hires.

We provide a full suite of services in-country from VISA, immigration and work permit support, to meet-and-greet, security arrangements and accommodation. TGI Life Sciences are proud to be totally compliant and we ensure that our contractors comply fully with all local tax and legal requirements.

TGI Life Sciences partners with the world’s leading insurance companies. This ensures peace of mind that wherever in the world you’re working with us, you are insured against risk, health concerns and can work without obstruction or danger.

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