Executive Search

Executive Search

Some hires are so critical to the growth of a company, that they require an approach above and beyond ordinary recruiting methods. If the objective is to hire a board member, senior executive, or someone key to the execution of a project or development of a product, you will be looking for a comprehensive assignment. Our executive search team use an approach that offers our clients access to talent not normally available in the market.

Our search strategy

Our consultants will work around the details of your requirement to construct a campaign that offers the best results. A typical assignment will include:

  • Assignment Brief; you tell us what you’re looking for
  • Potential Target Pool; we agree target companies
  • Suitable names; we present to you a target list
  • Approach and Initial Screening; we make contact and qualify interest
  • Full interview and testing suite; interested candidates are formally interviewed and tested (where relevant)
  • First shortlist; suitable candidates are presented in a shortlist for you to interview
  • Final Shortlist; final interviews are arranged and managed
  • Offer stage; we work with you to complete the offer and secure preferred candidate

Why Executive Search?

You mitigate risk

Every recruitment process is subject to risk. When a company commits various decision makers to the selection process, it is important to ensure that this results in a hire. By engaging with our search team, you can be sure that we will take a completely tailored approach that is most relevant – but above all – most likely to result in the right hire. Furthermore, when you engage our candidates through executive search, they will be exclusive to your hiring process.

You save time

We do the hard work. We map the market. We provide the shortlist. We manage the offer and ensure success. You simply need to select the right profile, conduct interviews and chose the preferred candidate.

You save money

Our approach is all about saving your time and mitigating risk. Our clients’ commitment to the process ensures that both sides focus on the end goal. This approach offers the highest chance of success, saving money and adding value to your company’s talent profile.

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