Contract and Consultancy

Due to a product, project, or specific location, the need may arise to engage an individual on a short term basis.

TGI Life Sciences has supported this type of work for many years and for this reason we are able to offer contractors a variety of options for employment.

TGI Life Sciences supports contracts domestically and internationally.

The benefits to our clients of taking on a contractor:

  • A risk-free alternative to hiring someone permanently. As and when a project ends, a product or research is competed, or work slows, clients avoid redundancy or relocating employees
  • Immediate response to requirements. Where a need is critical, we can provide a suitable contractor normally within a matter of hours
  • Where someone is required for a fixed period of time, for a consultancy, study or other./li>

TGI Life Sciences has over 500 active contractors working in various locations throughout the world. We support their ability to work by providing the following services:

  • Full Immigration Support
  • Local Employment Structure
  • In-country Payroll
  • In-country accountancy services (Tax and Social Security)
  • Third Party Indemnity, Liability and Insurances
  • Meet and Greet
  • Travel Arrangements, Car Hire, Accommodation
  • Security and Logistical Support

Our contractor care team supports contractors/consultants by providing the following services:

  • Company registration
  • Timesheet queries
  • Travel and insurance cover
  • Location expertise
  • Indemnity, Liability, Insurances support including procurement of appropriate cover
  • Payment support and advice

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